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Warehouse automation, robotics, and digitization.
News, case studies and product updates from Ware.

Types Of Warehouse Automation And Robotics

Ian Smith
December 8, 2020
Learn about the difference types of warehouse automation and robotics—like inventory drones—that are deployed around the world, working alongside humans.

Interview with Ian Smith, CEO of Ware: Why Inventory Counting Drones Are So Important

Ian Smith
December 2, 2020
A video interview with Ware CEO, Ian Smith, about why inventory counting drones are critical for scaling warehouse operations.

How Warehouse Automation Reduces Costs: 5 Things You Need To Know

Ian Smith
November 18, 2020
Lowering warehouse operating costs has become an ever-increasing priority, given that prices are increasing in tandem with the ever-evolving economic climate and customer expectations. Warehouse costs, in this regard, take into account more than just the required physical space—there is a lot more associated with warehouse costs than just paying rent.

Ware Raises Seed Funding to Advance Warehouse Innovation

Ian Smith
October 23, 2020
Warehouse growth in 2020, plus increased e-commerce shopping, accelerates need for fast, accurate, automated inventory counts

Case Study: Warehouse Automation ROI

Ian Smith
April 22, 2020
This case study analyzes the impact that Ware's inventory automation system makes on two world-class distribution centers. The savings and overall efficiency gains are drastic and highlight how global organizations who still rely on human-based inventory management today are stuck in the past.

Ware Launches Drone-based Inventory Automation for $1.9 Trillion Warehousing Industry

Ian Smith
April 22, 2020
Ware, a San Francisco-based technology company, has launched the first warehouse inventory automation system built on Skydio 2, the world’s smartest drone. Tracking and counting inventory cost-effectively is one of the $1.9 trillion warehousing industry’s greatest challenges. Ware’s product was designed specifically to address this, helping customers increase the accuracy and frequency of their inventory tracking, while simultaneously reducing its cost.