Our partnership with Skydio.

We don’t make drones, we make drones work for your warehouse.

That’s why we partner with Skydio, the world’s most advanced fully autonomous drone manufacturer in the market. With Skydio hardware and Ware software, you get the best of both worlds: the smartest drones in the world with unmatched autonomy—unrivaled data and insights for your inventory control.

Pictures of all your inventory:

How It works
Ware automates inventory tracking in two simple steps.
Data Capture
With self-flying autonomous drones, say goodbye to inefficient manual cycle counting. Properly crafted flight plans help capture clear photos of your inventory continuously, giving you the full picture, every time.
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Data Reporting
Ware Cloud will crunch numbers, heavy data, and geometry. All to provide you with the most accurate reporting you can access from anywhere in the world.
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This isn’t your
traditional warehouse