Our Solution

This is inventory control like never before.

With our automated inventory tracking solution, your facility can now take care of itself. The opportunities for growth are now endless with access to more accurate data.
How It works
Ware automates your inventory tracking in two simple steps.
Data Capture
With self-flying autonomous drones, say goodbye to inefficient manual cycle counting. Properly crafted flight plans capture clear photos of your inventory continuously. Giving you the full picture, every time.
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Data Reporting
Ware Cloud crunches numbers, heavy data, and geometry. All to provide you with the most accurate inventory reporting. Accessible from anywhere in the world.
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Getting started

We offer help—right from day one. 

Integration of drones. Creating tailored flight paths. Ensuring the most accurate data and reporting. All held together by your dedicated Ware team that does it all for you.

This is exactly how easy it is to get started with us. 

To begin, calculate your ROI payback and check your facility compatibility within minutes.
A few of our inventory tracking features…
Autonomous Drones
Self-flying warehouse drones will soar inside your facility taking pictures of your inventory.
Auto-Charging Nests
The drone sits on a Ware Nest and recharges after each flight within your facility.
WMS Integration
Integration with all WMSs. API integration for instant sync or .CSV compatible.
Cycle Counting
Automated cycle counting to verify putaways, empty locations, check code dates, and much more.
Advanced Dashboards
Access to more inventory data and insights in Ware Cloud. Review mismatches and anomalies all from your desk.
Ware Support
Ongoing support once you're up and running from your dedicated Customer Success Representative.
Turnkey Setup
Our team map your facility using LiDAR to generate a digital twin of your site. Ware installs Nests and column markers and you’re ready to fly.
Use Existing Labeling
No major changes to your facility required. We test and use your current labels. We can consult with you on your best label design.
Find Lost Inventory
Ware captures and processes your inventory data for you. Review mismatches and find lost inventory from your desk.

Automate your inventory tracking today.

Let your facility take care of itself thanks to our autonomous inventory counting solution.
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