Data Capture

Capture inventory data. Every time. Every day.

The world’s smartest fully autonomous drones, at your service.

We start by teaching the best-in-class Skydio drones a map of your facility.

Ware leverages the power of drones and artificial intelligence to transform the way warehouses and distribution centers accomplish the critical task of tracking inventory.

Self-flying drones take off from their charging nests and perform cycle counts by taking pictures of your inventory.
Once the drone finishes flying, it returns home to its nest and starts to upload your data to your Ware Cloud account. The images are localized and processed using computer vision to extract barcodes and identify anomalies.

The drones are programmed to fly and follow specific flight paths inside and around your aisles, scheduled and defined using Ware Cloud software. Scan your entire warehouse as often as you need and refer back to the images whenever you want.

The world’s smartest and safest warehouse drones.

The only warehouse partner of Skydio.

Ware has proved core functionality of both proactively surfacing inventory issues and doing so at a significantly higher productivity rate: 20 locations/hr (manual) vs. 350 locations/hr.
VP Process Optimization, Barrett Distribution Centers
Ware gives us the ability to cycle through inventory verification at a much quicker rate than manual cycle counts. With Ware, we have a much better chance of finding and fixing errors before the product becomes unsellable.
Warehouse Operations Manager, Gelson's
Ware's autonomous solution allows us to perform cycle counts in significantly less time than before. We use Ware technology to increase our inventory accuracy, the frequency of how often we can scan locations, and to get a new level of data quality.