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Autonomous Drones
Number of drones varies based on coverage targets.
Auto-Charging Nests
Nests that enable drones to charge their own batteries and navigate the facility on a schedule.
Pallet Racking
Ware works best with single-deep pallet racking in reserve/overstock locations.
Minimum Aisle Width
The minimum aisle width that Ware drones can operate in.
6+ feet
5+ feet
Existing Labels
No major changes to your facility required. We test and use your current labels. We can also consult on best label design where needed.
Facility Coverage Frequency
The cadence at which Ware drones can fully cover your entire facility.
Up to every week
Up to every week
Cycle Counting
Ability for drones to scan randomized locations vs. the standard “push broom” style scanning of every location once then restarting.
Ware Cloud Users
Ware Cloud is the browser based web portal for accessing your inventory reports and managing your Ware system.
Up to 10
Ongoing priority support once you're up and running from your dedicated Customer Success Representative.
On-Site Deployment
Ware operations support for the set up and deployment of your Ware system.
WMS Inventory Integration
API integration for automaticsync or manual .CSV import/export.
Import inventory data with an easy to use API.
Import and export your inventory report results via API.
Images of Every Location
Get images of every covered inventory location in your facility and view in Ware Cloud.
Pallet Locations
Ware Cloud reports every pallet’s location in your facility.
Empty Locations
Ware Cloud reporting helps you understand where inventory is and where it isn’t. View empty locations.
WMS Mismatches
Inventory slotting and mismatch error alerts are revealed in Ware Cloud.
Advanced Inventory Reporting Dashboard
Summary reports on the performance and efficiency of your Ware system.