Now Supporting SKUs: Ware Cloud Release

Product Updates

From the start, Ware has supported automating inventory cycle counting by scanning LPN barcodes specifically. LPNs (license plate numbers) or LPs (license plates) are unique identifiers that are associated to specific pallets of goods in warehouses—but not every warehouse uses LPNs to track their inventory. Some warehouses use a mixture of both LPNs and SKUs (stock keeping units), and others may just use only SKUs. SKUs signify a specific type of stock or item of inventory but are not unique. Because this variability of tracking identifiers is present in warehousing operations around the world, we’re pleased to release SKU-specific support inside of Ware Cloud.

Adding SKU support to Ware Cloud enables customers to audit putaways and make sure that the right products are on a given pallet by allowing them to:

  • scan and view detected SKUs by location
  • filter and search their inventory stream by SKU
  • easily see whether a detected SKU matches what was expected from the WMS
Ware Cloud - SKU Support

SKU support, in addition to other recent releases like the cycle counting beta and enhanced inventory details pane, have made Ware a true inventory cycle counting automation tool for warehouse operators small and large.

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