Automated Inventory Cycle Counting (BETA): Ware Cloud Release

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Inventory cycle counting is a common warehouse activity. Typically, each day, warehouse management systems (WMS) will output a list of locations in the warehouse that need to be manually checked. It's sent to employees to perform cycle counts on inventory. The employee isn’t told what to expect in each location, they are simply told to record what is there and it will later be validated against the WMS data. The locations that are dispatched can be anything, but will typically fall into several broad categories:

  • Locations with recent activity (pick/stow) recorded
  • High-velocity locations where contents are expected to change frequently
  • High-value locations
  • Expected empty location
  • Random sample locations

Ware’s feature release now automates the cycle count process, giving employees more time to review the insights and data gathered by warehouse drones. Our drone-based technology captures images of all your inventory in the required locations and performs barcode recognition to compare it to the data in your WMS.

Ware Cycle Count Illustration

How does automated cycle counting benefit you and your team?

Our latest Ware Cloud release enables you to automate cycle counting in your facility. With this new feature you can now command your nested fleet to scan locations, which enables cycle counting capabilities, such as:

  • A, B, C inventory prioritization
  • Verifying empty locations
  • Verifying putaways
  • Checking inventory based on code dates
  • Training new associates and validating their putaways
  • … or any other combination of attributes that you can select in your WMS.

What’s new with this feature release?

In our Ware Cloud software, this new cycle counting capability is referred to as a “Scan Request”. A scan request can be initiated for any reason at any time in your facility, not just for a cycle count.

With your account, you can now:

  • Create new scan requests for cycle counts
  • Upload a list of any locations you want to scan (.csv)
  • Monitor the status of all requested scans
  • View all flights associated with each cycle count
  • Compare data to your WMS
  • Review mismatches at the tap of a button
Ware Cloud Cycle Count Scan Request

Once a cycle count is completed, you will be able to view detailed inventory data specific to each Scan Request.


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