Ware Raises Seed Funding to Advance Warehouse Innovation


We're proud to announce that we've closed $2.5 million in additional funding from investors who are as excited as we are about architecting the warehouse of the future. We're joined by UP Partners, Bloomberg Beta, 2048 Ventures, Tom McInerney—angel investor in companies like Uber—drone industry expert Adam Bry, CEO of Skydio, and more.

Pioneering a completely new way of using drones and AI requires audacious thinking, so we're looking for the brightest, most creative minds to join our diverse team at Ware. We're working on excitingly-complex engineering and operational challenges that are already defining a fresh new category in warehouse automation and robotics, and we want you to join us.

Tracking inventory movements around a warehouse sounds pretty simple: walk around with an RF gun, scan pallets into a location, scan pallets out of a location. And... that's it—you're golden. What could possibly go wrong? Well, try telling that to a warehousing professional, and you'll hear a completely different story.

The global supply chain's greatest secret is that all of the world's largest brands have massive inventory visibility gaps. They constantly lose things in their own warehouses. In their defense, it's not their fault. Inventory tracking technology has simply not evolved fast enough to keep pace with the explosion in warehouse sizes. E-commerce growth is surging, even amidst a global pandemic. These distribution facilities have gotten so large that it's nearly impossible for corporations to understand where everything is when using traditional inventory tracking methods.

We created Ware to solve this massive problem by combining the latest advancements in autonomous drone technology with clever software and artificial intelligence. Our customers are world-class logistics enterprises whom we help digitize, then automate their inventory tracking, so they never have to cycle count again.

Our gaze is fixed optimistically forward, looking at a global supply chain in need, forever changed by a pandemic of unprecedented scale. The world must go on, so our customers will begin to evolve, right alongside us. Want to join us?

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