Ware 2021 Product Wrap-Up

Product Updates

Here at Ware, 2021 was a pivotal year for automating warehouse cycle counting with drones. With large customers in multiple countries, we iterated quickly to address many of the biggest opportunities to make our clients happy—and our product is much better for it. With images of every single piece of our customers' inventory, there is huge potential for building a fantastic, groundbreaking product. Check out your 2021 Ware Product Wrap-Up and a sneak peek at what 2022 has in store.

List of New Features & Updates

  • Ware's New Website URL:
  • Real-time Status of Jobs, Drones, and NUCs
  • Job Workflow Visibility
  • WMS upload support of .xls(x) files
  • Navigation Marker Installation UI
  • Sorting data by 'Recently scanned'
  • Linking to Ware's Knowledge Base
  • Zoom into inventory images up to 500%
  • Barcode Detection Overlay (multiple LPNs)
  • Job completion email notifications
  • Autonomous Charging Nests
  • Flight Scheduling Calendar

Note: Most of these new features and updates can be explored in our software, Ware Cloud.

Ware's New Website URL

Let's start off easy. One of the most straightforward changes is to our URL. We changed it from -->, reflecting our mission to transform our customers' warehouse operations through powerful, cutting edge artificial intelligence (AI) developments.

Real-time Status of Jobs, Drones, and NUCs

Dashboard page showing any issues with NUCs or Drones.

Detail page showing real-time status of NUCs and Drones, with the ability to pause and resume autonomous flights.

Deploying a state-of-the-art IoT system in your facility can be a black box of complexity. Our job at Ware is to make it easy. We added a simple, real-time, graphical status page that lets you monitor the current status of your latest inventory scans from drone flights (jobs), gives you the ability to verify your drone fleet's connection status to your NUC(s), and understand if your NUC(s) are properly communicating with Ware's cloud servers over the internet. Providing our customers more visibility into the magic of Ware is something we're proud of.

Job Workflow Visibility

Need more detail? Check out the real-time connection, upload, and data processing status of all of your jobs.

Ever been curious as to how long your data has been uploading to Ware Cloud or how much processing is remaining to complete a specific inventory scanning job? Wonder no more. We've made it obvious as to what the status of your jobs is at a glance, broken down by each drone and NUC.

WMS Upload Support of .XLS(X) Files

Upload .xls, .xlsx, and .csv WMS inventory snapshots into Ware to compare what your system thinks is there vs. reality.

Manually uploading a snapshot of your inventory from your WMS into Ware Cloud is one of the simple features that help Ware customers start getting value from warehouse automation technology faster than any of our competition. We've made our spreadsheet parser even more robust—adding the ability to handle more delimiters from different regions of the world and being able to ingest more than just .csv files; adding .xls and .xlsx into the mix as well. Look for more improvements to increase compatibility here as we grow.

Navigation Marker Installation UI

Use Ware's simple UI to make installation or modification of navigation markers simple.

We pride ourselves as being the easiest warehouse robotics technology that our customers will ever integrate into their facilities. So is it possible to make it even easier? You betcha. With our new Navigation Marker Installation user interface (UI), we did just that. Now, during navigation marker installation, Ware users can quickly reference a dynamic, digital worksheet to plan, place, and log the height installation of each navigation marker.

Sorting Data By 'Recently Scanned'

Sort data by aisle or by the most recently scanned location or LPN

Maybe this one is too easy. But because we build everything in our system from the ground up, you'd be surprised at how much work went into it. There's now a simple selector in Ware Cloud that allows you to sort your inventory scan data by what was most recently scanned. Get ready for additional ways to slice and dice your data in 2022. Easy.

Linking to Ware's Knowledge Base

Okay, okay, this one is definitely too easy—but at the same time, it's a powerful quality of life improvement. Now, on most pages in Ware Cloud, just scroll down to the bottom and click the new link in the footer to access our robust Knowledge Base, chock full of all you could ever want to know about how to do (mostly) everything in Ware.

Zoom up to 500% on inventory images

Pretty self explanatory. No longer are you limited to just 400% zoom level. Go ahead and crank it up to 500.

Barcode Detection Overlay (multiple LPNs)

Support for multiple barcodes and LPNs in a single location.

Visually identify unique barcodes when there are multiple in a single location with our new overlay and color coding system.

Job completion email notifications

Get notified via email when jobs are finished processing and data is available to view in Ware Cloud.

Autonomous Charging Nests

Saving the best for last? Naturally. This is huge and it just so happens to be the future of Ware and the future of warehousing as we know it. No longer do your drones need to have a human supervisor in the loop. With our latest release of autonomous battery charging Nests, you can take the humans completely out of the loop, freeing your team up for more stimulating tasks than just cycle counting. Starting in 2022 Nests are now available to all customers and are already actively deployed and in production at some of the world's most massive warehouses and distribution centers.

Contact our Sales Team today to learn more.

Flight Scheduling Calendar

Schedule available flight windows around your warehouse operations for your fleet of Ware drones.

Powering our autonomous charging Nests is our Flight Scheduling Calendar. This is one of the first customer-facing product additions that showcases the future of Ware's autonomous cycle counting capabilities. As more and more of our customers opt for deploying Ware's Nest technology—transforming their drone fleets into self-charging, autonomously navigating warehouse inventory counting robots—a robust yet simple scheduling system is needed for you to manage the available flight windows that your fleet is allowed to operate in. Just like your robot vacuum at home, you can easily select the dates and times that your Ware system can and can't operate during. And we kept it extremely user friendly by modeling it right after the digital calendar software that we all already use today.

Interested in automating your cycle counting? Get in touch with us to learn more.

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