Hear From Ware's CEO About Warehouse Drones And Automation


Recently, Ware's CEO, Ian Smith (me!), was interviewed to talk about how Ware is automating warehouse inventory with drones. Ian was a guest on the Drone Radio Show podcast and was interviewed by Commercial UAV News. Both pieces of content are linked below.

First up is the Drone Radio Show podcast. Ian joined host, Randy Goers, to discuss how drones can make warehouses more efficient—specifically regarding how to automate their inventory scanning and tracking with drones. Listen to the podcast here, "Can A Drone Make Warehouses More Efficient?"

Next you can read Ian's interview with Commercial UAV News — "Ware Helps Warehouses Automate Their Inventory With Drones." Ian discusses:

  • How drones in warehouses work
  • Why they're needed in the first place
  • The fact that the FAA can't regulate airspace that's indoors
  • The types of drone hardware and software that are needed to automate a warehouse
  • And the benefits that drones bring to warehouses

It's clear that drones are the best tool for the job to automate warehouse inventory. They're small, safe, flexible, inexpensive, and bring immediate ROI. Most importantly, drones today are already deployed inside of warehouses and are operating truly autonomously. This isn't science fiction—it's real and it's available today.

Contact Ware if you're interested in learning more about how to automate your warehouse inventory. We're here to help and excited to speak with you!

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