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After discovering a mutual ambition to address inventory management difficulties, Ian Smith and Joe Moster co-founded Ware in 2019. They began by going door to door at different warehouses to validate these challenges.

It became increasingly clear that warehouses were simply tolerating inefficiency – in fact, it became evident that to keep up, these facilities couldn’t afford to carry on the same way.

Now, just three years later, Ware has emerged as the leading enterprise-grade supply chain digitization platform building technology at the intersection of robotics and AI.

Working with leading logistics companies such as Barrett Distribution and Tellworks Logistics, Ware helps organizations to operate more efficiently by implementing automation into their workflows.

Our aim is to make inventory easy. Through automation and software technology, that’s accessible to all.

This is accomplished with data capture via drones. Reliable inventory reporting sent through Ware Cloud. Allowing customers to see and address concerns quickly. In short, we revolutionize the way warehouses work.

Our mission has been funded by leading investors, like Bloomberg Beta, and partnered with pioneering companies, like Skydio.
You’ll find our headquarters in San Francisco, California, and our team across the U.S.