Meet the Ware Force: Red Drummond


As a young company, hiring the right people is crucial to success. We’re proud of the culture we’re building at Ware and want you to meet the people behind our warehouse automation technology. These are the people that make it happen.

In this article, we feature Red Drummond, our very own Marketing Manager. Red is the brains and brawn behind our content and go-to-market strategy.

Keep reading to learn more about Red, her experience in marketing and warehousing, and to hear her take on what’s next for Ware and warehouse automation technology.

Name: Red Drummond

Role: Marketing Manager

Department: Marketing

Location: Houston, TX

Q: Can you start by telling us a little bit about your background?

A: I’m originally from Glasgow, Scotland and I studied Business Management at Edinburgh Napier University. After graduating (and three months of traveling) I ended up in Aberdeen, Scotland and got a job in the oil and gas industry where I never thought I’d end up. 

My first role was in Business Support. I did a little bit of everything, including marketing, and that’s when I realized I’d found my calling. I just love the data aspect of marketing (Red is a self-proclaimed data nerd). But also really like the fact that marketing supports business strategy and growth.

It was actually here that I got my first experience into the world of warehousing as well… One day, I was asked to take a forklift certification course, I had never driven one before and ending up passing with the best score in class.

After one year there, I entered marketing agency life where I stayed from 2013 until 2022 working for a number of B2B clients. The agency side is great because it’s so fast paced, you learn about so many different areas of marketing, and address lots of different challenges for your clients. After almost 10 years, I was ready to move in-house and that’s when I found Ware.


Q: What attracted you to joining Ware?

A: I saw a job posting for a Marketing Manager role on LinkedIn and was intrigued enough to Google deeper and discovered what Ware was up to. It was new and refreshing and the technology seemed really cool. I chatted with Ian and the rest of the team and I immediately knew from that point on that Ware was the place for me.


Q: What do you like most about working at Ware?

That’s such a hard question because there are so many aspects that I like… but the people and the culture at Ware is really great. Working remote has been a bit of a challenge to get used to, but Ware seems to really have figured it out. I truly enjoy working remotely but I always look forward to my trips to the WareHouse HQ in San Francisco.

The role itself is exciting and the autonomy I have to come in and make an immediate impact is really what I was after. But it all started with being wowed by Ware’s technology and the industry challenges it's solving. It really made me want to enter this industry and take on something new.


Q: What do you think is next for warehousing?

A: There’s obviously a heavy focus on robots and automation in this industry and that’s here to stay, but I think the human component is sometimes forgotten about. I think we’re going to see increased collaboration between the two.

Using automation and AI to do more of the “heavy lifting” and data processing will mean employees can focus on the analysis and interpretation of those insights. 

For example, our warehouse drones track and take pictures of all inventory, meaning employees can focus on the additional metrics and insights we provide in Ware Cloud.


Q: What do you think people need to know more about Ware?

A: Whenever I talk to our customers at Ware, we really focus on ROI. One thing I’ve noticed is that our customers want answers. They don’t want tons of raw data to sort through—they want insights about their inventory. It’s so important to provide easy to digest answers to the warehousing industry so that they can make informed decisions because their operations are so dynamic. 

At Ware, I feel like we’re really on the right track here because we’re laser focused on AI to make inventory reporting easy for our customers.

We really listen to what our customers want for their inventory solutions by truly getting to know them, their team, and their facility’s operations so that we can give them the best solution. We’re truly an extension of their inventory department.


Q: Before we finish up, tell us what you like to do in your spare time?

I like to stay pretty active. I workout, play netball, and I love to cook—especially new recipes. One of my favorite dishes to cook at the moment is spicy shrimp strozzapreti pasta with sundried tomato sauce. Yum.


Learn more about the value add Ware can bring to your facility and why you should automate your inventory tracking.

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